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This website integrates the funding opportunities for studying, working or performing research in one of the European nations. The portal aims to stimulate and help students worldwide to find and select appropriate scholarships to study in Europe.

ScholarshipPortal in short

  • A central European website providing information on scholarships for studying in Europe
  • Boosts world-wide visibility of and access to scholarship programmes in Europe
  • Unifies the scattered information on all kinds of funding opportunities, such as grants, fellowships, awards, exchanges, and of course scholarships
  • Presents scholarship information in a comprehensive, structured and transparent way

We consider international study experience invaluable to students´ development. The number one barrier to studying abroad are financial concerns or lack of funds. Through the creation of the ScholarshipPortal we try to overcome this barrier and inform students on the many opportunities that exist. On this mission, there´s still a lot of work to be done, we are working enthusiastically and welcome cooperation with students and universities.


ScholarshipPortal is an initiative by StudyPortals B.V. and the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA). The project receives seed funding from the European Commission, under the Lifelong Learning Erasmus programme.

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The scholarship information is included and administered by individual scholarship providers and in some cases by StudyPortals. In addition, ScholarshipPortal has collaborations with several national agencies. In particular, ScholarshipPortal includes and spreads scholarship information from national scholarship search engines administered by Nuffic (Grantfinder.nl, Beursopener.nl), DAAD (Stipendiendatenbank Ausland, Scholarship database), ÖAD (Grants.at) and Fundación Universidad.es (Universidad.es).